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Purpose is unreleased greatness. Greatness is released purpose. Purpose is when you discover the pain you were born to heal, the problem you are gifted by God to solve and the solution you are equipped by the Holy Spirit to offer to your generation. Purpose causes you to add value to your generation. Purposelessness causes you to steal value from the world. The voice of your greatness will be heard when you speak from the platform of your purpose. ~ Maxwell Ambani Indasio

We offer insightful views of current events and thought-provoking blogs and discussions that make one ponder and seek answers to situation and circumstances that are encountered daily in our personal and business relationships. In extending our understanding of our individual purpose, we can then collectively motivate others to spread that influence into the community to rebuild cities, and ultimately the world.

In understanding your purpose in Christ, and defining the skills, gifts, and talent one can move forward pursuing that which is already within. Transitioning is key and very important as we move and “process” our way into our purpose. Our attitude matters! To transition is the act of passing from one state or place to the next that results in transformation. Learning to transition with joy and expectation of increase in knowledge, wisdom and understanding is where the joy is essential. Learning from each step or season that we are in, rather than rushing to the end, which we do not even determine, is foolish. Enjoy the moment, each moment as if it were your last. Learn from the mistakes, trials, successes and accomplishments of the day.

Our prayer is that as each person comes to understand self by seeking God, that the extension of self would enhance another person until the change that manifests would overcome all of those within our reach.

We only act on what we believe and we believe what we trust ~ Shantelle Love

Please feel free to comment and stay engaged as we transition and assist others in their process as well.



It’s a new season, it’s a new day!

Peace and Blessings!


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  1. Shantelle Love

    Hello Kim! My apologies for the delay, we’ve been experiencing some technological issues. Thank you SO much for your comments. We look forward to working with your organization as well! I never received the fudge to sample, but will contact you soon so that we can discuss a fundraiser in more detail.

    Thanks again!

  2. Kim Knight

    I’m very impressed by what this organization represents! I am so glad that we connected and look forward to working together one day. p.s get ready for some tasty fudge that serves a purpose 🙂

  3. Shantelle Love

    Thank you so much! We appreciate you stopping by. Feel free to drop in at anytime.

  4. Nikki Rushing

    What a very great intro. Blessings I speak on you In Jesus Name”

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